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December 26, 2022


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Contact Details For El Dorado Hills Realtor Jenifer Whigham. Top Luxury Agents in El Dorado Hills. 
Company: Keller Williams El Dorado Hills CA
Cell Phone: 916-370-6584

Realtor in El Dorado Hills California 95762

Contact Details For El Dorado Hills Realtor Jenifer Whigham. Top Luxury Agent in El Dorado Hills. 
Company: Keller Williams El Dorado Hills CA
Cell Phone: 916-370-6584

Keller Williams El Dorado Hills California 95762
Keller Williams El Dorado Hills California 95762

Christmas in 2022 is quickly approaching. Learn more about the business and discover how you can join Keller Williams and Team Whigham to maximize your success. 
California distinguishes between a broker and a real-estate agent. They both facilitate the sale and purchase of real estate. There are some key differences between the titles.

You might be wondering what the differences are between a California real estate agent or broker license.

California Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents: Key Differences

Basic Differences

The biggest difference between a realtor and a broker is the fact that a broker can legally manage a brokerage and hire agents to work for him or her. This is not an option for real estate agents.

California law requires real estate agents to work under the supervision of a licensed broker. Brokers on the other side have the freedom to work independently or under another broker.

Different Education Requirements

California real estate brokers must take more courses in real estate education than real estate agents. Brokers require eight courses, whereas agents only need three courses at the college level to pass the state exam.

However, neither designation requires a college education. Brokers in California can fulfill their education requirements by earning a 4-year degree in real estate with a minor or major.

Different Experience Requirements

California licenses real estate agents without any prior experience. Their education will teach them real estate principles and practice. They can also rely on their brokers for oversight of their work while they are learning on the job.

California brokers must however prove their industry experience. You can meet this additional requirement in one of these two ways:

Although it can be intimidating to get your California real estate license, it is actually not difficult once you understand what to do. Here's everything you need to know about costs, eligibility, earning potential, and timing. Follow these steps to obtain your California real-estate license and begin selling real estate as soon as possible.

Step 1: Take a Real Estate Course
California requires that you complete 135 hours of pre-licensing courses. There are many options available, including many online.
Check out Approved Courses

Step 2: Submit your California Real Estate License Application
You will need to provide fingerprints for background checks. This is to verify that your records are correct.
Learn more

Step 3: Take the Real Estate Exam (California)
The exam lasts 3 hours and contains 150 multiple-choice questions. Every attempt must be accompanied with a new application, and a $60 non-refundable fee.
Learn more

Step 4: Locate a California Real Estate Broker
Start by searching for brokerages that you like, have the same goals as yours and have a work environment that matches your energy. Also, consider commission splits as well as fees.

Check out Approved Courses
Are you ready to get started?
Take a look at your courses now.
How to get a California Real Estate License
Compare California Real Estate Schools
Best Online Real Estate Schools in California
California Real Estate License Cost
California Real Estate License FAQs
What is the average time it takes to become a California real estate agent?
What is the average salary of real estate agents in California?
Four Steps to Get Your Real Estate License In California
Step-By–Step Guide to Becoming a California Real Estate Agent

Do you want to be a California real estate agent? We aren't surprised that California has the best real estate. You will need your California real estate license if you want to hold open houses or call clients.

The California Department of Real Estate (DRE) oversees real estate licensing. The California Department of Real Estate (DRE) oversees real estate licensing in the state. They ensure that all agents are licensed and know their business and follow the regulations. These suit-wearing people determine California's criteria for real estate agents. You'll want them to be your friend!

Step 1: Complete a 135-hour Pre-Licensing Course

Find A El Dorado Hills Realtor 95762
Find A El Dorado Hills Realtor 95762


This course is divided into three parts. They are intended to teach you about real-estate transactions, specific laws that you need to remember, and the foundation of real estate mathematics.

Check out the Course Options

These courses can be taken at several regionally accredited real-estate schools. You don't need to sit in a classroom to learn, but there are many online courses that you can access whenever you're free. Find the top real estate schools in California.

These classes are required to fulfill the 135-hour course requirements.

Real Estate Principles (mandatory)

Real Estate Practice (mandatory)

Choose one of the following elective courses

General Accounting

Business Law

Common Interest Developments


Legal aspects of Real Estate

Lending and Mortgage Loan Brokerage

Property Management

Real Estate Appraisal

Real Estate Economics

Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Office Administration

Compare Online Courses

Pre-licensing Course Exemptions

It's not necessary for everyone to take pre-licensing classes. Although it is rare, you don't have to complete the coursework if you are eligible for one of these courses:

The real estate course requirements are not applicable to members of the California State Bar. Just show proof you are allowed to practice law in California.

Applicants who are able to show proof of having completed the eight college-level courses required for the Broker Examination can be exempted from this requirement.

Step 2: Complete your California Realtor Exam/License application

This stage will require you to submit your fingerprints in order to be checked for background. This is to verify that your records are correct.

After you have completed the required education, you can apply for your license exam. You will need to complete a few forms, and you may have to pay additional fees.

You can save time and money by applying for both a combined licensing and exam application. This will give you details on the next steps and when they must be completed.

Step 3: Pass the California Real Estate Salesperson Examination

This is where you'll take the actual exam. You've already done extensive research on the topics and listened to lectures. Now you have an opportunity to demonstrate to DRE that your knowledge of California real estate transactions is genuine.

To pass the exam, you must score at least 70%. It's important that you note that the licensing fee is valid for two years. This means that you don't need to take the exam right away. After you submit your application, you have two years to complete the exam before your fee expires.

Although the exam may be difficult, most exams follow a pattern. You'll be able to pass the exam with a little bit more study and practice exams.

Bring a photo ID and an exam admittance form with you to the testing site on the day of your test

Step 4: Locate a CA Real estate broker to sponsor you

This is the most rewarding of all: you've succeeded! Now it's time to open a cold beer or go out with your friends for a little celebration. You deserve it!

You should also start researching the brokerage where you would like to work. Real estate agents must adhere to the DRE's high standards of ethics and professionalism. To do this, you will need to find a sponsoring brokerage. It is important to ask questions and find the right brokerage for you.

They have the experience to help you navigate the local market, make your first transaction and share key business secrets.

Start by searching for brokerages that you like, have the same goals as yours and have a work environment that matches your energy.

California real estate license requirements according to DRE

These are the basic, daily requirements that DRE establishes. These requirements are easy to understand, so you won't have any problems.

To apply for a California Real Estate License

At least 18 years of age

You must be a U.S. citizen

You must be a resident of California to obtain a license.

Your application must be truthful and accurate. This means that all information must be current and correct. You must disclose any criminal history, felony or other, regardless of how minor. You could lose your license application and be denied future license applications.

Even if you have a criminal history, you may still be eligible for a California real estate license.

Step 5: How to Choose a Broker

There are many things you should consider before choosing a broker.

Training - If you're just starting out in your career, it is a good idea to look into available training opportunities. Many companies place more importance on training and offer a mentor program or access to a video library. Some companies have a more sink-or-swim mentality. You should look at the offerings of each company and decide how much training you want from your brokerage.

Comp Plan - This is the whole point of this process. Look at the commission split that each brokerage offers to see how much you can take home. You want to make money. Take a look at the commission splits offered by each brokerage. While a 60/40 split is common, a 70/30 split is also possible. However, each company is set up differently. While some brokerages will pay you more in commission, others may charge you additional fees. Ask questions to find out what's included. Some brokerages charge extra to have access to CRMs, while others offer access in their commission splits.

Reputation, History, and Work Environment of the Company - A company that is fair and honest with its agents will be a good one. Before you commit to a brokerage, look at retention rates. Also, ask around in your local community. Agents who are happy with their clients will be a good addition to any company.

How much does it cost to get a California real estate license?

California's real estate agent license costs $245 per year. There is a $60 exam fee and the cost of the required preliminary courses as well as the $245 annual cost. Pre-licensing courses can vary in cost - they range from $99 to $500 online. If you are budgeting for a new career, make sure to include the cost for a test prep course. It can greatly improve your chances of passing state real estate exams.

Compare Prices

What is the average time it takes to become a licensed California real estate agent?

California's realty commission requires that pre-licensing courses must have 135 hours of credit. It should take about 135 hours to complete the preliminary three-semester units. The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions that are divided over three hours.

Remember that passing the exam at least 70% is the only way to get the time. It's important to study the course content carefully to ensure you pass.

What is the average salary of a California real estate agent?

California's average realty agent earns $76,750. The top 10% can make as much as $123,700. This equates to an hourly rate of $36.90, which is considerably higher than the national average. Due to the competitive real estate market in the state, some agents make more than $76k.

California Real Estate License FAQs

Which California real estate exam preparation is best?

You might be asked questions on the test that you were not prepared for by your courses. You might find it difficult to answer certain sections or feel overwhelmed. This sets the tone for the whole test-taking process. You may not be prepared for certain aspects of the test. You may have to answer tricky questions. Stress and confusion can lead to a loss of focus, which can set the tone for the whole test-taking session.

We've compiled a list of top California real-estate exam preparation providers to help you.

PrepAgent – Provides access to live group webinars, ebooks, online training tools and thousands of practice questions specific to each state.

Kaplan - The most highly rated and popular state-wide test prep is Kaplan

Mbition - This program is known to prepare students for the mathematics portion of the licensure exam.

Real Estate Exam Scholar – Provides inexpensive tests that simulate taking the exam. Experience

AceableAgent is the best test preparation tool. It is mobile-friendly and students can access it from anywhere with a smartphone app.

Real Estate Express – Students can talk to experienced agents about how they prepare for the exam.

What is the California Department of Real Estate?

The California Department of Real Estate offers valuable online tools and services for consumers, businesses, professionals, and others throughout the state. The DRE's mission promotes and protects real estate interest through regulation and education.

California's realty department is your one-stop source for real estate licensing. They manage everything, from obtaining your license to maintaining it, and holding agents responsible.

The California Department of Real Estate should be a familiar agency for real estate agents. Every employee in the company must ensure they comply with California's continuing education requirements and the California real estate laws. This department is a safety net. Chris Heller, former CEO of Keller Williams, San Diego CA

How many California licensed agents are there in the real estate industry?

As of 10/27/2020, there were 422,496 licensed agents in California (including both brokers and salespersons).

Is it difficult to obtain a California real estate license?

The process of becoming a real estate agent can be a great way to start a new career.

California's real estate license requirements are some of the most stringent in the nation. The 135-hour course can be very taxing depending on your learning speed. However, you can finish the courses on your own schedule. This makes it much easier than following someone else's course schedule.

If you don't complete a course to prepare for the exam, it can be quite difficult. However, it's not too difficult if your are prepared. Finding a brokerage is a requirement to become an agent. However, it is not difficult to find one that is willing and able to license new agents. Students who complete a preparatory course before taking the final exam will have a better chance of passing the exam.

Perspective from a real-estate professional:

Do you need a college degree to be a California real estate agent?

A college degree is not required to be licensed as a CA real estate agent. You don't have to earn a college degree to be a California real-estate agent. All you need is to meet the requirements listed on this page.

California Department of Real Estate requires that you have completed at least three college-level courses in order to obtain a real estate license. They do not have to be from an accredited university or college. Any of the schools on this page can help fulfill this requirement.

What documentation do I need in order to be a California real estate agent?

For California's real estate exam, acceptable forms of I.D. include a driver’s license or DMV ID card, a passport issued by the government (including your country or birth) or a U.S military-issued identification cards.

Can I become an agent in California real estate without a criminal record

It depends. It depends. Your real estate license could be forfeited if you fail to comply with the law. However, a criminal conviction does not automatically bar you from obtaining your real-estate license. California Department of Real Estate can help you determine if you are eligible.

Can I take the CA real-estate license test multiple times?

There is no limit to how many times you can take California's real estate license exam within a two-year time frame. It is a good idea to wait at most 18 days between each exam. Each attempt must be accompanied with a new application, and a $60 non-refundable fee.

Some agents say it takes up to four attempts to pass the exam. However, a lot depends on how well you prepare and how much you understand the necessary preparatory courses. Agents can pass the exam on their first attempt, which is not uncommon.

What are the areas covered by the CA real-estate test?

The exam covers seven areas. Pre-licensing and a test prep course should prepare you for the state real state exam. These are the seven components of the real estate exam:

Regulations and Controls on Land Use and Property Ownership

Laws of Agency & Fiduciary Duties

Property Valuation and Financial Analysis


Transfer of property

Real Estate Practice and Disclosure


How many people fail the California realtor exam?

About fifty percent of those who take the California realty exam pass it with a grade of 70% or higher. Don't let the low pass rate discourage you. A prep course is highly recommended for many people who don't prepare properly. A prep course will help you prepare for the state exam.

What is the difference between a broker and agent in real estate?

Yes, and it is important to know the difference. A real estate agent can help people sell, buy, or rent residential properties. A broker, on the other hand is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of an agency. Because they are primarily in sales, it takes more than a regular real estate license to understand and apply the real estate industry.

However, being a real estate agent associate at a qualified brokerage company is considered to be one of the fastest and most comprehensive ways to gain property sales experience. It won't be easy but it will provide you with the knowledge, confidence, and tools that will make it possible to succeed in real estate.

How do I find a qualified real estate brokerage?

It's not difficult to find a brokerage that will sponsor you as a new licensee. Most brokerages are qualified to sponsor you.

The process is like interviewing a broker to determine if you are interested in working there. To help you make the right choice, use third-party informational sources such as

When choosing a real estate brokerage that is qualified, ensure they are able to train new agents and show you the ropes in real estate sales.

What is the difference between a California Realtor and a California real estate agent?

A common misconception is that a realty agent is the same thing as a licensed realtor. They're not. Only an official membership to the National Association of Realtors will allow you to call yourself a Realtor. This designation is so highly regarded.

A 100% licensed agent can sell properties. If you have a real estate license, this will be your right. However, California brokerages insist on the Realtor designation. A California licensed Realtor swears a professional oath that they will always put the clients' interests first. However, this does not mean that a licensed agent in real estate is unqualified. An agent who is licensed as a Realtor has the additional qualification that home-buyers are looking for.

What is the difference between the CA and national real estate license exams?

You will need to pass portions of the exam that have broad national questions. Others will test your knowledge of California realty. California real estate law is very strict. This means that any agent who succeeds will be able to understand California's specific obligations.

Can I practice real-estate without a California license?

No. No.

Only exception: If you are an attorney barred in California you may be eligible to sit for the exam directly without any pre-licensing courses. It's a good idea, however, to check with the California Department of Real Estate.

California is known for being a strict state and does not allow reciprocity with other states. California's state real estate exam is required for anyone who plans to move to the state, or to get their license. To bypass the national portion of the exam, you must have at least two years' experience in real estate in another state.

What does it mean to be an employment broker in California?

California licenses you to work as an employed broker. Most employing brokers are not salaried. Instead, successful closings will earn you a commission-based fee that can sometimes exceed thirty percent of the cost of the transaction. You should first become a sales agent if you don't yet have your license.

A college or university that offers a bachelor's degree in real estate can help you get it.

Two years of real estate sales experience, or the equivalent. Equivalent experience can be gained in areas such as property management, mortgage lending, and escrow processing.

A broker should have real estate experience as they can work independently.

Exam requirements differ

California's exam requirements for brokers and agents are similar. Brokers are held to a higher standard.

California real estate agents must pass a 150-question exam in three hours. California real estate agents must complete a 200-question exam in five hours to score at least 75%.

Fees differ

California's agents and brokers both pay exam fees as well as licensing fees. Both license renewal fees are paid by both agents and brokers. Brokers pay a slightly higher fee due to the complexity of their qualification process.

For California real estate agents:

Real estate salesperson exam fee - $60

Real estate salesperson license fee - $245

License renewal fee – $245

For California brokers:

Broker exam fee $95

Broker license fee - $300

Renewal fee for license - $300

Are you a real estate agent or broker?

There is no need to decide between being a broker or a real-estate agent right away. California's real estate professionals begin as agents to gain real-world experience. This helps them determine if the career path suits their needs. They then promote themselves to real-estate brokers when they are ready to advance their careers.

You now know the differences between a California real estate broker and an agent. It is time to start planning your career in real estate. Register now for your pre-licensed real estate education courses. Your new career is waiting for you!

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Find A Realtor

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