Sacramento First Time Home Buyer Programs

  • Sacramento First Time Home Buyer Programs Call Jason Whigham with Team Whigham at 800-807-5022. Plus Jason can connect you with our Preferred First Time Hombuyer Realtor Jenifer Whigham with Keller William El Dorado Hills California. This will ensure a smooth home buying process when applying down payment assistance in Sacramento CA.
  • Becoming a homeowner is almost every Americans dream but paying the costs upfront can be quite challenging. When you’re looking to own a home, sourcing for local and national first time home buyer programs is an important step to take.

Sacramento Down Payment Assistance Programs

Why first time home buyer programs?

  • First time home buyer programs will boost your chance of owning a home in Sacramento. National programs that features No down payment mortgage but favourable interest rates and low credit score can be a perfect option for you to explore when looking to be a Sacramento first time home buyer.

Common First time home buyer programs

  • There are numerous loan programs suitable for first time home owners that requires no down payment and flexible credit requirements. They include:

1. FHA loans

FHA loan is suitable loan program for first time home buyers with lower credit score. It allows you to purchase a home with small down payment and fair terms.

2. Conventional mortgage

A conventional mortgage is a loan designed for home buyers which is not government guaranteed or insured. It requires a tougher eligible requirement compared to government loan options. Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs are programs that can help to provide families with all or some of the down payment to purchase a home. These programs vary and have specific eligibility criteria.

3. USDA loans

A USDA home loan is a no down payment mortgage loan that comes with minimal eligibility criteria and low mortgage rates. These incomes are issued by the United States Department of Agriculture

4. Sacramento VA loans

Sacramento VA loan is suitable for military personnel. It comes with a very competitive interest rates without requiring down payment or mortgage insurance. There is no standard credit score for VA loans qualification, it varies for lenders.


The California Housing Finance Agency (CaIHFA) offers a range of first time homebuyer assistance programs for low to moderate income earners. Some of the CaIHFA programs that can help you purchase a home include UFB direct, popular direct, Northpointe bank, rising bank, etc.

6. OpenDoors GSFA

This is a loan program designed to give California low to moderate income first time home buyers the option of purchasing their dream home. The OpenDoors GSFA program provides down payment assistance of up to 7% the mortgage amount.

Who is eligible?

  • Anyone in California who hasn’t owned and occupied a home in three years are often considered as first time homebuyers.

Eligibility requirements

  • This varies for each loan but we’ll offer assistance to help you get the best first time home buyer program that suits your home purchase needs. If required to make a down payment, we’ll assist you if the sum is within our down payment assistance option.
  • Contact us now to offer assistance with your first time home buying program.

California Down Payment Assistance Specialist

  • Having to pay a huge sum of down payment for a house, especially for first-time home buyers or low- and mid-income earners can be really worrisome. However, owning your own dream home in Sacramento just got more real with our down payment assistance services.
  • Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs are programs that can help to provide families with all or some of the down payment to purchase a home. These programs vary and have specific eligibility criteria.

What we offer

  • We provide quality assistance in helping you know which programs you are eligible for through our quick online survey and help you through the application process. Down Payment Assistance funds of up to $24,200 are available depending on which of the programs happens to be the best fit and selected for you. Some of the popular choices include VA, FHA, Conventional, and USDA 30-year mortgages which are all paired with the suitable DPA program.

Who is eligible?

  • First-time homebuyers and Non-first-time homebuyers alike are quite eligible for most of the DPA programs as long as the requirements for such a program is fulfilled by the homebuyer.

General eligibility checklist

  1. A qualifying income
  2. A credit score of 600
  3. An intention to occupy the home as a main residence.

How it works

  1. Take Our California Down Payment Assistance Programs Online Survey

This takes just about 2 minutes to know the kind of programs and assistances you qualify for.

  1. Comparison Of Available Down Payment Options

Options available are compared and an easy to follow estimate of loan program, interest rate, and closing cost are provided.

  1. Easy Pre-Approval

You submit an application for your preferred option to be pre-approved.

Contact our down payment assistance specialist today to make your dream of home ownership a reality.

Home Purchase

Having your own home gives a sense pride, self-satisfaction, and relief in the best way you could imagine. Going from being a tenant to owning your dream home is an amazing change that can bring about other positive changes and access to the right mortgage programs can make the process a whole lot easier.

Thinking about purchasing a home in Sacramento in a fast, easy, and exciting way? We’ve got your back!

What We Offer

Purchasing your desired home can be challenging when you don’t have all the money to make a once and for all purchase and also can be overwhelming in the pool of information available to you, especially if you are first-time homebuyer.

At, we offer premium home purchase services with low fees to purchase your dream Sacramento home.

We assist you in providing the right mortgage programs that best suits you and guide you throughout the process of purchasing your dream Sacramento home.


A first-time homebuyer or a non-first-time homebuyer with a good income-paying job, a credit score of 600 can apply for any of the diverse home loan programs we offer.

Purchase Your Dream Home in Just a Few Simple Steps

  1. Take our online survey

This takes just few minutes to help us know you and loan programs that suit you.

  1. Comparison of available options

We do this if you qualify for more than a program and we provide every other detail you need.

  1. Easy pre-approval

You fill in and submit your application for your selected program to us for pre-approval.

Contact us today and be rest assured of purchasing your Sacramento home with ease.


Refinancing is perhaps the best way to change your existing type of mortgage or access equity in your house by taking advantage of lower rates.

Either your goal for refinancing is to get a new type of mortgage or whatever it might be, they become our priority when you choose us to steer the wheel towards achieving your refinancing goal.

What We Offer

Here, our mortgage experts carefully explore and help find mortgage options that cater to your exact financial needs. We provide the help and support you need to meet your goals.

Why should you refinance?

  • Lower your rate

Your payments monthly reduce with a lower interest rate, especially when it is 1% lower than the previous.

  • Change mortgage type

A new type of mortgage can be acquired through refinancing. You can change an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)to a standard fixed-rate one.

  • Faster payment of mortgage

Refinancing helps to shorten the length of your mortgage and thereby allows you to quickly build equity and pay off your mortgage faster.

  • Save more money

Getting a low-interest mortgage through refinancing may reduce your monthly expenditures and you save money in the process.

How to Get Started

  1. Know our rates

Contact us to know our current interest rates.

  1. Apply online

We save you the stress of doing too much of paper work.

  1. Notification of approval

Your application is processed and a notification of approval of the right mortgage is sent to you.

Reverse Mortgages

  • This is a unique type of loan that works by allowing you as a homeowner to access the equity in your home and convert it to accessible cash. This loan can be used to meet living expenses, medical bills and so on. An interesting fact is that you can use it for just about anything you deem fit. The loan eliminates your monthly mortgage payments.
  • In addition, the loan only becomes due and payable if you sell the home, move or pass away. However, since you remain the owner of the home, you continue to pay maintenance fees, property taxes, insurance, and so on.

What We Offer

  • As mortgage experts, we educate and counsel on you on the program and application process once you are eligible. We take it upon us to help you enjoy the benefits in getting a reverse mortgage.

What Makes You Eligible?

There are boxes to fit into, so be sure you are eligible for a reverse mortgage.

  1. You must be 62 years of age or older at the time of application.
  2. No stringent income requirements and credit score.
  3. Your property must be occupied as a residence.
  4. The property must be owned outrightly by you
  5. You must not be on an overdue federal debt.

How to Get Started

  1. Reach out to us

Contact us to educate and counsel you as experts to know if getting a reverse mortgage is right for you.

  1. Application

Application with us begins after counselling and we will sure walk you through every process.

  1. Approval and closing

Your application is approved and the loan is ready for closing.
Contact us today!


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Down Payment Assistance Program Roseville

Down Payment Assistance Program Roseville

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downpayment assistance roseville

My-down payment assistance offers California first time home buyers amazing packages that’ll help them cater to their down payment while connecting them with some of the most reliable lenders. For the down payment required for mortgages of up to $510,400, My-down payment assistance would make you afford more than you can imagine. However, the down payment assistance fund given depends on the option you choose.

Find my California down payment assistance options by My-down payment assistance takes only one minute. Take our one minute survey now to compare the available down payment options and get your expert advice to select the most suitable option for the purchase of your dream Sacramento housing for sale.

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